Xenoblade X Field Overview

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Xenoblade X’s new video reveals Dolls, terrain, 4 player co-op and more.

Today, Nintendo held a special broadcast revealing information about Xenoblade X for the WiiU. The broadcast focused on the massive environments, gigantic enemies and Dolls (mechs).

At the beginning of the video it shows an American evacuee ship, New Los Angeles, crashing on an alien planet called Mira. Exploration of this unknown planet and its five continents reveals barren deserts, arctic wastelands, lava filled terrain and alien landscapes. Each area is occupied by enemies, some are small while the others are so huge they take up a good portion of the screen, but thanks to the dolls these enemies won’t stand a chance.

Unlike other Xeno games, dolls have more use than battling. It was revealed that Dolls will be used to traverse the massive environments in Xenoblade X, but with a twist. Dolls have the ability to transform depending on the terrain from, an automobile to a water vessel.

Other features announced:

Data Probe allow players to establish a bond and gather information for the NLA.
Multiplayer functions include four player co-op quests and a 32 player hub.
Xenoblade will run in 720p with a digital file size of 22.7GBs.

At the end of the event it was revealed Xenoblade X will arrive in Japan on April 29, 2015 but no release date for the US or UK has been announced.

Enjoy the screen captures.

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