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To those of you unfamiliar with Twitch Plays Pokemon, it was a concept that emerged about a year ago. The goal was to play a game of Pokemon Red, the only difference was that instead of one person controlling the game, it was thousands of players, inputting commands from Twitch’s chat box. Since last year, Twitch users have beat one version of every main series Pokemon game.

About 40 days ago, on the year anniversary of the original run of Pokemon Red, the original streamer of the game sent the community back to the generation one Pokemon games, but this time there was a catch. Instead of simply having the goal of beating the game, they used a custom rom hack that made it where they had to complete the Kanto Pokedex, then challenge the Gym Leaders and Elite Four one last time. The challenge seemed impossible at first, with many favorite Pokemon getting released and constant attempts to progress being set back by the main character being thrown down the ledge, but earlier today they completed their goal. After completing the Pokedex, they took on the Elite Four again, but with a surprise at the end. Instead of ending the game on the normal rival battles, they had to endure a surprise battle with Professor Oak, a battle that was going to be in the original Red and Blue games upon release. After many failed attempts at completing the challenge, the community pulled through and took down the professor.

Twitch Plays Pokemon proved to be an interesting social experiment. While several of the community worked together to accomplish a shared goal, they always had to deal with those people who aimed to impede progress. It is amazing the accomplishment of the community to come together to play one game.

What do you all think of the concept of Twitch Plays Pokemon? Have you participated in the game? Join the hype and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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