THE ORDER: 1886 a 5 Hour Game?

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Ready at Dawn’s upcoming PS4 game, The Order: 1886, has been leaked onto the internet by a youtuber going by the name PlayMeThrough. Though leaks are nothing new in the gaming industry, this leak in particular has revealed that the length of the game will clock in at 5 hours and 30 minutes. This leak is coming in after an earlier controversy stating this game would only be 3 hours long.

Do you think a 5 1/2 hour game is to short for a full retail release? Do you feel like a game should pad out the experience with content in order to lengthen the game? Are any of you all still planning on getting this game when it releases? Let us know in the comments.

[Source : GameSpot]


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  • Vance Banks

    I thoroughly enjoyed this game, not sure if it is worth a full 59.99 though…

    • Will Tapley

      How long did it take you?