PlayStation 4’s 2.50 Firmware Update Adds Long Awaited Features

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Sony has begun beta testing PS4’s upcoming 2.50 firmware update and, not surprisingly, details of the update have leaked.

The new update will add some long awaited features including deleting unwanted trophies, a suspend/resume feature (teased at PS4’s reveal), custom button mapping, and more.

The headlining feature of the update is the suspend/resume feature. This will allow the player to put their PS4 into standby mode without closing any running applications. Personally, I am most excited about finally being able to delete my 0% trophies that litter my collection.

The update is rumored to release to the public later this month or in April.

Have you been waiting for some of these features? What features would you like to see added in the future? Join the hype in the comments below.

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  • Timothy Aaron Clabo

    These seem like some interesting changes

  • Vance Banks

    I really want to see a different interface on the PS4, the one tile view is horrid when you have tons of games and apps downloaded