Mevius Final Fantasy: Square Enix’s Ambitious Mobile Final Fantasy

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Square Enix released details, videos, and screenshots for their upcoming original mobile title Mevius Final Fantasy. This will be the first HD Final Fantasy title to be released for smartphones with an estimated Japanese release date of Spring 2015.

The player will take control of the protagonist soon after he arrives on a strange world and will be guided by a bodiless being called the “Voice.” A Moogle, name unknown, appears in the screenshots and video as, what appears to be the protagonist’s acquaintance. This game will contain some old features as well as some new ones.

Cinematic Events


It wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy game without the beautiful cut-scenes. In this screen, the protagonist and moogle are seen examining a mysterious woman encased in crystal.

Smartphone Optimized Battle System


New and improved battle systems looks similar to Final Fantasy XIII, but utilize touch controls and gestures instead. Players can use the basic attack command by simply tapping the screen and attacks per turn are not limited to just one.

After battle, players will be rewarded with “Elements”. Elements are awarded for defeating enemies and are used to unlock more skills, such as magic.

Job System


Final Fantasy’s staple job system will return for this title, allowing the player to take control of a range of jobs including: the ranger, black mage, and others.

Mevius Final Fantasy is ambitious and features graphics comparable to previous Final Fantasy titles, but can it live up to its name? Will this title feature in-game purchases? Will it be released in the states? Stick around for all these answers and more.

Tell us what you think. Are you all excited about this mobile title? Do you have any jobs classes you’d like to see make an appearance? Join the Hype in the comments below.

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