Golden Mario Amiibo Gone In Minutes

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gold+mario+amiibo (1)Earlier last week, leaks of Walmart promotional banners were posted online revealing the Golden Mario Amiibo would be a Walmart exclusive.  Pre-order dates were unknown, but shortly after Wal-Mart of Canada tweeted that they would not allow customers to pre-order this exclusive Amiibo, Walmart in the U.S. open up pre-orders. Within 13 minutes the Golden Mario Amiibo was sold out.

Over the past few weeks there been buzz around the Golden Mario Amiibo, including rumors of the Amiibo being exclusive to Club Nintendo to the Wal-mart promotional banner leaked online last week.

The Wal-mart leak clarified and put rumors to rest and revealed that the world’s favorite plumber would be a Wal-mart exclusive.  Wal-mart and Nintendo stayed quiet until yesterday, when a Canadian Walmart Official stated that Wal-mart would not be doing pre-orders for this exclusive Amiibo.


One day following Wal-mart of Canada’s tweet Nintendo released information about the Golden Mario Amiibo revealing that it will be released in the U.S. on March 20th and included that it will be “Exclusive to Wal-mart at Launch.”  Which makes us speculate that it may be released elsewhere on a future date.

Briefly after Nintendo’s release, the Golden Mario Amiibo pre-orders went live on, but within 15 minutes all the pre-orders were purchased.

Did you all get a chance to snatch this limited edition Amiibo before it was gone?  How do you all feel about limited edition Amiibos, is it a smart move for Nintendo?   Join the hype in the comments below!

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