Debate: Should Final Fantasy Tactics be Considered Part of Main Series Canon?

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The Final Fantasy franchise is a very memorable series for gaming. For many gamers, the NES classic was the moment that a genre of games once limited to table tops came to be realized outside pen and paper. The Playstation 1 era of games brought even more fans to the series. This generation saw the release of what is considered the best game in the series, Final Fantasy VII. Along with that classic, the series hit a strong stride with releases of many rereleases of older games in the franchise along with two other main series titles. There was also the addition of the widely praised spin-off game Final Fantasy Tactics, which brought people to the world of Ivalice for the first time, a location that ends up becoming important in later titles, including main series entry Final Fantasy XII

But, does Final Fantasy Tactics belong in the Spin-off category? It features a deep story with a level of character development that is found in the main series. It features a job system inspired by earlier titles. The location of the game is also the basis for Final Fantasy XII and other titles, making this game a predecessor of sorts to the series. However, the difference between this game and the main series is the battle system. The grid based combat comes at a contrast to the Active Time Battle system that the series has become known for. Is that reason enough to not include it in the main series canon? Should this game have a number by it’s title instead of tactics? In short, should Final Fantasy Tactics be considered a main series title, or should it remain it’s own spinoff game? Answer in the poll and join the Hype in the comments below.

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    FFT (aka War of the Lions, as to not confuse it with the GBA games), as I recall it, would fall into the FAR FUTURE of the Ivalice timeline. If you recall, no airships existed during the time of this war, but an airship, or at least airship parts, were one of the artifacts that could be found during the course of the game, giving clues to a civilization long since gone, That along with other items and weapons (Mustadio’s gun for example) basically tell of the age portrayed in FF12.