Community Help Us. What Megaman Weapon Looks the Best?

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Hello Pixel Hype Community. There has been a debate amongst a few of the writers here and we need your help in settling it. Recently, we have come across an extra Megaman Amiibo that we want to customize and find a way to give it back to the community, but we are having trouble figuring out how to customize it. This is where you come in. Tell us in the comments what you think the coolest Megaman weapon is so we can decide what to do with him. Be apart of the community and help decide the fate of Megaman. We will try to make a decision in a few weeks and will keep you posted on what we do.

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  • Vance Banks

    X’s armor!!!

  • EJ

    Get another megaman and 2 mario. Relieve the Mario of their fireballs, give mega man a second buster cannon, place the fireballs in the buster cannons, have some orange and yellow paint (or any combination of colors to represent your favorite fire robot master)

    Voila! Fire/Heat/Flame/etc man themed custom!

  • Matt Hutchison

    Rolling Cutter.

  • Alpha

    I know this is gonna get me tons of hate but Thunder Claw and Wild Coil

    • Timothy Aaron Clabo

      Don’t worry about the hate, there are no bad ideas at Pixel Hype. The only rule here is to respect all other gamers. (btw, I personally like the idea of a Wild Coil custom amiibo)

      • Alpha

        Tbh I only said that because I know that neither of those weapons (or their colors at least) are really unpopular and come from two most hated games in the series.

  • Laurie

    This would be a unique one

  • Austin

    I’m a little torn about this….I want Elecman, but that’s too easy…I was thinking Forte, but that’ll probably been asked…How about you try favorite Robot Master, or should I say Maverick, Boomer Kuwanger? 🙂

  • wario

    Dynamo Man, Napalm Man, Pirate Man and Aqua Man’s colors are all great imo